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J8-100 -None glare glass   23x31    $130.00  

J8-101 -None glare glass   23x31    $130.00  

J8-104 -None glare glass   19x23    $80.00  

J8-145 -None glare glass   10x10    $25.00  

J8-146 -None glare glass   10x10    $25.00  

J8-147 -None glare glass   10x10    $25.00  

J8-148 -None glare glass   10x10    $25.00  

J8-177 -Canvax   24x24    $110.00  

J8-189 (Canvax)   20x20    $90.00  

J8-190 (Canvax)   20x20    $90.00  

J8-195 -Canvax   24x36   $150.00  
J8-195A (Double Mat)   28x40   $130.00  

J8-196 -Canvax   24x36   $150.00  
J8-196A(Double Mat)   28x40   $130.00  

J8-208 -Canvax   20x20    $80.00  

J8-217 -Canvax   24x24    $110.00  

J8-224- None glare glass   24x30    $130.00  

J8-225 - None glare glass   24x30    $130.00  

J8-228(Raised canvax Negative edge)   30x42   $170.00  
J8-228A(double mat & glass)   30x42   $140.00  
J8-228G(Canvas Transfer Gallery Wrap)   24x36   $110.00  

J8-242 -None glare glass   17x33    $110.00  

J8-254(Canvax)   19x54   $240.00  
J8-254A(Canvax)   12x32   $100.00  

J8-260 -Raised canvax Negative edge   13x26   $80.00  
J8-260A-Double Mat & Glass   13x26   $70.00  

J8-261 -Raised canvax Negative edage   13x26   $80.00  
J8-261A-Double Mat & Glass   13x26   $70.00  

J8-262 -Raised canvax Negative edge   13x26   $80.00  
J8-262A-Double Mat & Glass   13x26   $70.00  

J8-263 -Raised canvax Negative edge   13x26   $80.00  
J8-263A-Double Mat & Glass   13x26   $70.00  

J8-302 -Raised canvax Negative Edge   18x18   $70.00  
J8-302A-Double mat and glass   18x18   $60.00  

J8-303 -Raised canvax Negative Edge   18x18   $70.00  
J8-303A -Double mat and glass   18x18   $60.00  

j8-326 -Double Matt Raised None Glare Glass   17X17    $60.00  

J8-327 -Raised double Matt none glare glass   17x17    $60.00  

J8-328 -Raised double matt none glare glass   17x17    $60.00  

J8-329 -Raised double matt none glare glass   17x17    $60.00  

J8-358 -Canvax   24x32    $120.00  

J8-359 -Canvax   24x32    $120.00  

J8-369 -Canvax   27x54    $270.00  

J8-435 -None glare glass print cut in strips   32x44    $250.00  

J8-486 -Canvax Triple Frame   30x45    $220.00  

J8-586 Raised Canvax Texture-Finish Edges    25x33   $140.00  
J8-586A Double mat & glass   25x33   $110.00  

J8-611 CL (Double Mat)   24x28    $80.00  

J8-612 -Double Mat/Fillet-None glare glass   24x28    $120.00  

J8-613 CL (Double Mat)   24x28    $80.00  

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